EPS sandwich wallboard production line building materials gypsum block forming machine

EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Production line Gypsum Block Shaping Machine for Building Material   Wall panel for concrete precast houses: 1.Full Automatic 2.Eco Saving and Advanced Technology 3.Low cost 4.ISO9001-2000  Take an EPS Wall Panel production line with annual capacity 200&co

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EPS Sandwich Wall Panel Production line Gypsum Block Shaping Machine for Building Material 
Wall panel for concrete precast houses: 

1.Full Automatic 
2.Eco Saving and Advanced Technology 
3.Low cost 
Take an EPS Wall Panel production line with annual capacity 200,000m2 for example (700 m2 / day):
(1). An EPS Wall panel production line with annual capacity 200,000m2.
(2).The raw materials cost to produce one square meter of EPS Wall panel ( take 90mm thickness panel for example).
MaterialsCementFly ashEPSadditiveSilica panelWater and powerLabor coststotal

(3).Costs above calculated based on the below cost table:
MaterialsCement(ton)Fly ash
EPS(ton)Additive(ton)Silica panel(m2)WaterPower(kw)Worker salary(person/month)

(4).Other costs
Cost categoriesManagement costsEquipment depreciationDepreciation of buildingsMaintenance Chargetotal

(5).Based on the above table, the total production cost is: 37 RMB/m2.
(6).Annual Estimate Benefits 
According to China domestic normal selling price:EXW 65RMB/m2
Annual Output Value(RMB)Selling expense(RMB)Annual production cost(RMB)Annual Profits 
65×200,000m213,000,000×5%200,000x 3713,000,000-650,000-7,400,000

Main Feasture: 
(1)The machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, automatic filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production.  
(2) With the same machine, it can adjust the panel size and thickness. The thickness will be from 60 to 180mm. 
(3) The closed constant pressure foamng barrel features of high heating efficiency and saves stem. 
(4)High precise guiding pressure reducing valve controls the temperature and steam pressure of the closed barrel, ensuring the outcome pressure of the valve constant and the inner temperature controlled wihin ±1%, which keeps the foamed material equal and prevents the bead agglomerate because of the bad temperature control. 
(5)With photoelectric or vibration sensor to control material level, ensuring density tolerance within ±3%. 
(6)The machine is equipped with fluidized bed dryer, including drying, automatic sieving, depluming and material conveying to silos. 
(7)Most components are of world-famous brands, with reliable performance, stable quality, long service life and low maintenance cost. 
(8)The machine can realize the primary and second expansion.

How are the land,water,power required to set up an EPS light weight wall panel production line?
Water requirements: to produce 60m2 panel(9 cm thickness as example) required one ton of water. No special requirements for water quality, clean water can be used for production.
Electricity requirement: installed power 30 kw (depending on the capacity).
Requirements on air and steam: Air compressor and boiler.
Land requirements: 1200-2000m2 workshop and 9 meters high (depending on the capacity).
Suggested Staffing Table:
EPS Expander Operation/raw materials1
Mixer Operation1

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