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What can we do for our clients?For clients with specific requirement, we could provide the suitable solutions or make your plans more workable based on our overseas experience.   For  clients without detailed requirement, we would like to recommend our similar projects according to the climate and usage of th

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What can we do for our clients?

For clients with specific requirement, we could provide the suitable solutions or make your plans more workable based on our overseas experience.
For  clients without detailed requirement, we would like to recommend our similar projects according to the climate and usage of the construction site.
For the value added service, we are capable of offering a impression picture to present the production line directly.

Introduction of gypsum powder production line China top manufacturer:

As professional manufacturer and supplier for building material production lines, we DCI provide gypsum powder production lines, with different capacities according to client's requirements.
With our professional technical team, we can complete a series of work from design(mechanical and electrical), manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning to stabilized production,certainly we also provide the spare part supply service.
Till now, we've manufactured and supplied complete sets of machine lines to Russia, Oman, Uzbekistan,United Arab Emirates, Iran.
Brief introduction:
After being heated and calcined with certain temperature, natural di-hydrate gypsum is dehydrated    
 and decompounded, to get the product whose major component is semi-hydrated gypsum (CaSO4 • 1/2 H2O), that is, calcined gypsum (generally slaked gypsum). According to different temperatures and pressure conditions during dehydration decomposition, the obtained product is β-type calcined gypsum. Basic process of mechanized production includes five large systems: gypsum grinding system, automatic measuring system, calcination system, heat supply system, and aging& packing system. According to the client's requirement, gypsum crushing system can be added to crush large gypsum rock to be with size of 0-30 mm, and then conveyed into grinding system.
2.Production line type
1)Controlling part:  Full Automatic
2)Annual capacity: 20,000 t~300,000t
3) Fuel: Natural gas, coal, diesel, heavy oil
4)Raw material: Natural gypsum rock (if adding some equipments, industrial by-product--desulfurization gypsum can be used), and in conformity with requirement of gypsum rock of over Grade 3 for making cementing material in JC/T 700-1998: Content of CaSO4·2H2O in raw material >70%.
3.Main Economical and Technical Paramete
1Annual capacityMT30000
2Annual gypsum rock consumptionMT35000
3Working days/yearDay300
4Daily capacityMT100
5Electricity consumption for producing one ton of gypsum powder
6Coal (7000 kcal/kg)Kg/t33
8Controlling Part Full Automatic
9Annual capacity 20, 000-200, 000 Tons Per Year
10Calcining system Ebullition furnace
Rotary kiln
Rotary kiln
11Fuel Natural gas, diesel, coal, heavy oil
12Raw material Natural Gypsum Rock
13Finished powder usage Gypsum board
Plaster wall/Putty 

4. Quality Standard:
Gypsum Powder Quality Standard: GB/T 9776-2008
Gypsum Powder: 80-100mesh
Composition: Content of β-CaSO4·1/2H2O (mass fraction) in calcined gypsum should be not less than 75%.
The Initial Setting Time: Shall Not Be Less Than 6 Minutes,
The Final Setting Time: Shall Not Be More Than 30 Minutes

2. Main Technology
Gypsum Powder Plant(Nature Gypsum Rock)
Gypsum Mine -0-210mm gypsum rock→ Crushing →bucket elevator →silo → Raymond mill →screw conveyor → bucket  elevator →material stablization silo →electronic belt scale →bucket elevator →boiling kiln →bucket elevator →FU chain conveyor →clinker silo →packing
5.Main production equipment introduction
Grinding systemAutomatic measuring systemCalcining systemOrganic heat carrier boilerAging &packing systemAutomatic control system
among them,the Gypsum powder ebullition furnace used in the calcining system has following advantages:
a; Small volume, large capacity
b; Simple structure, un-damageable
c; Compact structure, less land occupation, good de-dusting effect
d; Less energy consumption
e; Convenient to operate, easy to control
f; Good product quality, relatively ideal calcined gypsum phase composition, stable physical properties
g; Low capital construction investment& operation cost
And the This furnace uses electric energy or chemical energy generated by solid, liquid or gaseous fuels as main heat source and heat conductive oil as heat transfer medium. It adopts pipeline to connect boiler and thermal equipment into closed system. It also adopts new saving type heating way--- adopting forced circulation to heat thermal equipment. Compared with other heating equipment, it has the following obvious advantages:
a; Under low working pressure, it can obtain higher heating temperature. As a result, equipment investment cost is reduced and safety factor is intensified.
b; Heat uniformly and stably, accurately control heating temperature to avoid part heating to heated product, effectively improving product quality.
c; The heat conductive oil has no corrosion and scale, so investment for water treatment equipment which is necessary for heat transfer medium such as water or steam and pharmaceutical treatment cost is reduced.
d; The freezing point of heat conductive oil is relatively low and can be used in cold winter. Even if it is solidified, there is no expansion and no danger for cracking equipment.
e; One organic heat carrier boiler can supply heat for several users simultaneously with different temperatures. Thus the equipment investment for many heating equipments for many users is reduced.
f; Compared with steam boiler, organic heat carrier furnace can save over 40% energy, for it adopts liquid transmission to transfer energy, and circulated heating, without condensation emission to loss heat. It is the ideal energy-saving and environment-protecting products, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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