Foaming agent for gypsum board production

Specifications of High Quality Foaming Agent Features:1.Water-soluble 2.Well compatibility 2.Biodegrade fast.3.raw materials for construction boardsFoaming agent is used for gypsum plaster boardStructure of short form:ROSO3NaThe physical and chemical indicators:(perform GB/T

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Specifications of High Quality Foaming Agent 

2.Well compatibility 
2.Biodegrade fast.
3.raw materials for construction boards
Foaming agent is used for gypsum plaster board
Structure of short form:ROSO3Na
The physical and chemical indicators:(perform GB/T15936-2010 More than one index)
 AppearanceWhite or pale yellow transparent liquid
Content of active matter(%)≥34
The fusible content of petroleum ether(%)≤1.5
 Inorgani Salt Content(%)(NaCl+Na2SO4)≤2.0
PH Value(1%solution)5-8
Colour and lustre(Hazen)≤40
Packaging:plastic barrels(50, 100, 1000KG)
Storage and transportation:cool dry place preservation,pay attention to prevent from rain and sun

Sucessful cases:
We have successfully delivered to many gypsum board production lines in UAE, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Iran, etc. 

Payment conditions:
A.  Payment terms: 30% T/T in advance; 70%T/T or L/C
B. We can provide quality guarantee;
C. Kunlun bank account available to make convenient for Iranian clients

Sample available:
To provide samples free of charge

Foaming Agent for Gypsum Board Production
Foaming Agent for Gypsum Board Production


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