Top layer putty powder coating wall paint

Specificationswall puttyIt is used for joint application, including walls, ceilings, arches and external beads.wall putty Mixed Jointing CompoundMixed Interior Wall PuttyWeight:25 kg /BucketMesh: >280Product features:1) Containing no toxic substances, healthy2) Environmental friendly.3)

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wall putty
It is used for joint application, including walls, ceilings, arches and external beads.

wall putty
Mixed Jointing Compound
Mixed Interior Wall Putty

Weight:25 kg /Bucket
Mesh: >280
Product features:
1) Containing no toxic substances, healthy
2) Environmental friendly.
3) Easily available and efficient to apply it on the wall directory.
4) No wastage of water curing
5) User friendly and enables the mason/worker to get the desired results
6) Free from shrinking and cracking
7) Ensures full strength on setting
8) Shows excellent adhesive qualities with the surface
9) The appearance is very attractive- light, flat and smooth surface, and a good back base for painting
10) Has a good impact strength

How to use
1)This product is suitable for all the coats for hand and machine application. Slightly stir Before use and directly apply to plasterboards or interior wall.
2)the interior wall or plasterboard surface must be clean, smooth and firm, dry and without dust or oil.
3)After it dry fully, then it can be painted
4)Cover tight the lid of barrel or close the bags after use
5)Tools: Interior wall putty is applied using a trowel, and daub the putty to the interior wall in average state

1. The packing: In 25 kgs/barrel.
2. Life time: 8 months.
3.The whiteness degree:90% .
4.dry time :3 hours
5.Use quantity:1 m2 drywall or ceiling area for 1 kg putty.


Priming before applying paint on walls and ceilings
The Interior Wall Putty is a ready to use filler paste, packed in JS-X bucket,weighs 25kg/bucket,stated in paste. It's mixed with water and special jointing compound.
The Interior Wall Putty is appropriate for:
Priming before applying paint on walls and ceilings.
Filling in the joints of gypsum boards along with a joint tape.
Repairing cracks occuring on concrete surfaces.
Renovation works, as well as general repairing works.
Application Surface:
The surface on which the Interior Wall Putty is applied should be stable, clean, dry and free of dust.
How to use:
The Interior Wall Putty can be used directly as it is in the bucket. It should not be mixed with other materials. It should not be applied in temperatures under +5°C.Consumption is approximately 0.8-1.1kg for one square meters of wall. To obtain better results, apply two or three putty layer over the surface of wall.
Avoid the putty being stiff. Before long periods of not being in use,the edges of the bucket should be cleaned and safely capped.After the end of the work, all tools and buckets should be cleaned with water.
A larger amount of Interior Wall Putty could be needed in concrete surfaces.
Flexible External and Internal Wall Putty
High strength, excellent water, alkali and freeze-thaw resistance
Flexible External and Internal Wall Putty
High strength, excellent water, alkali and freeze-thaw resistance. High adhesion to surface of various walls and exterior coatings.
It has good waterproof property, high crack resistance because imported hydrophobic polymer is incorporated in the formulation.
The disadvantage of using traditional primer. such as random selection of materials and mixing ratio, low strength and poor water, alkali resistance, can be overcome. Moreover, workload and labor are saved, application is easier.

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